A house which is vulnerable to water damage, calls for extra attention and cautiousness to say the least. Quite rightly so, because water damage can be fatal for your house in many ways, if not dealt with from time to time. An unidentified leakage or even a wet basement can have an adverse effect on your house, its structures and your belongings.

Regular water damage restoration in Tulsa is essential to maintain your house’s safety and be immune from all kinds of hazards arising out of water damage. Here are 4 possible setbacks of not handling water damage immediately:

  1. Water Damage Can Cause Electric Hazards

    Why to Deal with Water Damage Quickly

    It’s quite an evident fact that electrical wires can become very volatile in case they come in contact with water. Hence, if you find that somewhere in your house there is water leakage, you must distance away all electrical appliances and wires from the reach of water leakage and place them to somewhere safe. Despite of such precautions, it isn’t possible to displace all the electrical wirings which are in-built somewhere in your house, most probably inside the walls.

    Imagine that the water somehow makes its own way and reaches the source of any of those electrical wirings. Dangerous, right? Well, it’s not at all worth the risk. Thus, just unplug all the electric appliances, switch off the main electric supply of your house and wait for the water damage restoration professionals to arrive.

  2. Water Damage and Leakage Gives Rise to Mold

    Constant leakage of water and a wet basement are proper signs that mold is on its way to bother you! Mold is a toxic substance which takes birth in a wet environment full of moisture. Mold alone isn’t the threat either – it’s the bacteria and mildew which begin to form along with the mold. Collectively, these harmful microorganisms cause severe respiratory problems and other health-related issues to you and your family.

    Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, whenever you notice a wet basement or a leakage, get done with its cleaning and repairing as soon as possible. There are expert professionals who provide services pertaining to water removal in Tulsa.

  3. Water Damage May Result in Structural Damage

    No matter how strong and sturdy the structure of your house might be, water leakage is capable of weakening the strongest of foundations by causing cracks in the long run. Corrosion, wear and tear of wood and plaster and all other kinds of structural damages can take place if water damage is not dealt with on urgent basis. Water leakage is infamous for its knack of making walls and ceilings so porous and spongy that they might even end up collapsing!

    Even your drywall might be at risk. Once the water is able to infiltrate and enter your drywall, it will result in cracks which means greater expense and loss of beauty of your house. Hence, this is another reason why water damage should not be taken lightly. You should look after the water removal process of your basement as well as take care of any leakages on consistent basis.

  4. Furniture Alert!

    Wood, just like electricity, isn’t water-friendly. Water leakage can destroy anything made of wood. Your wooden furniture is vulnerable to water damage and can be permanently damaged in case water comes in contact with it. You really would not want to see your precious and antique furniture getting all soggy, damp and unusable due to threats of water damage.

All of these incidents can actually take place if water damage isn’t handled with caution and urgency. Get in touch with a leading water damage company in Tulsa like All American Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to keep your house protected from all kinds of water damages!