Homeowner insurance policies generally help cover water damages if such a cause is of a sudden and/or an accidental nature. As per the Insurance Information Institute, water damage insurance cover can help pay for various repairs such as for your drywall which got saturated after your water heater was ruptured or a pipe which had burst and as a result, the water had ended-up soaking the ceiling beneath it.

Whether your homeowner insurance covers water damage claim can be known based on the kind of water damage which has taken place. There are 2 types of water damage restoration under a homeowner insurance cover:

Dwelling Coverage

Water Damage Insurance Policy

Dwelling coverage takes into account any kind of damage to the structure of your house which is covered by your water damage insurance. For example, dwelling coverage may provide for your repairs in case one of your walls gets seriously damaged because of a burst pipe.

Personal Property Coverage in Tulsa

Even your belongings can be insured against water damage risks. A homeowner insurance cover in Tulsa can help you with payments for damages of personal property. The personal property coverage, as a part of the water damage insurance cover, can help you pay for the repairs or simply replace the damaged belongings, provided that the risk is covered under the insurance policy.

It’s important to take into consideration that a deductible is likely to be applied before your insurance cover is executed. There might as well be coverage limits based on your water damage insurance policy. Choosing your policy wisely and from a reliable insurance agent can be very helpful for you at the time of making water damage claims in Tulsa.

There are certain kinds of damages which are refrained from being covered under your homeowner insurance and water damage policy.

Damages due to Unsettled Maintenance Issues

It’s pivotal to look after certain maintenance issues on regular basis. That’s because in case any damage results from an unsolved maintenance issue like constant leakage, your homeowner insurance won’t be covering such a damage.

Source of the Water Damage

Generally, homeowner insurance coverage does not include the source of the water damage in Tulsa. Thus, while your policy might be covering the repairing costs of certain damages, it’ll still not cover costs of replacing the source of water damage such as your broken dishwasher or washing machine.

Outside Sewer or Drainage

Water damage restoration generally excludes damages arising out of water backing through any external sewer or drainage. Although,you can opt for such a water damage insurance coverage that is inclusive of such events.


Standard homeowner insurance policies surely abstain from covering damages that result from floods. This is considered an act of god and a natural calamity, for which you might want to consider purchasing a separate insurance cover.

Before filing a claim for water damage restoration in Tulsa, you should be aware of what all will be included & excluded in your homeowner insurance policy.

Talk to an experienced water damage company in Tulsa like All American Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to know if your water damage claim may be covered by your insurance or not. We have worked with countless insurance companies and know exactly how to deal with insurance companies in the right way. In some cases, we can also help you pay the deductible up to $1,500. Call us at 918-628-1403 for emergency water damage response.