Carpet restoration is the need of the hour whenever emergency flooding and damage takes place in your house or other premises. Replacing the affected carpets with new ones can be very expensive. Furthermore, discarding your carpets after damage isn’t something that is always necessary. This is because when appropriate measures are taken to clean, recondition, mend and restore the existing carpet, it all comes back to the way it should be!

Conditions to be Assessed for Carpet Restoration

There are different kinds of conditions which need to be assessed properly in order to determine the severity of the damage caused. Once these conditions are comprehended, we can depict the probability of success when it comes to carpet restoration.

Before and After

1. Duration for which the Carpets were immersed

It’s quite obvious that the damage is likely to be more in case the carpet is immersed for a longer period of time. A polyurethane backing holds the carpet fibers together and this can undergo deep damages, quite literally, if the carpet is submerged for a long duration. An expert professional can accurately evaluate the extent of damage and accordingly provide an effective carpet restoration plan.

2. Level of Contamination

Another condition to look for is how bad the water level is. If it’s blackwater, it’s likely to be a category #3, such as raw sewage or rain which must have passed over toxic pollutants. It is extremely unsanitary and unhealthy. It is capable of causing serious illness or even death. Cleaning and restoration process in such conditions should only be done by a proficient technician who can come up with an apt course of action. Generally, carpets are preferably disposed-off rather than restored if this specific condition of heavy contamination persists.

3. Original and Pre-existing Condition of the Carpet

Another condition which is to be taken into consideration is the carpet’s original condition. Was it worth saving at all? Sometimes carpets are already undergoing deterioration with heavy wear and tear. This means that the time for replacing such carpets has arrived!

These conditions being nothing but exceptions, our carpet restoration strategies and services can bring back the carpet and its fibers to a state of sheer normalcy.

Check our demonstration on how to repair carpet with an entire can of paint spilled on it

Our Carpet Restoration Process

Carpet Restore

Firstly, extracting the accumulated liquid from the carpet and floors is very crucial. This is because, within a span of 24 to 48 hours, moisture can form mold and bacteria. The carpet and its padding behave like a sponge that can contain this moisture and thus has to be removed as soon as possible.

Once we are done with extraction, we use high-speed fans for drying out the carpet’s surface area. These are specialized fans and they can be placed under the carpet too for a quicker drying process along with the eradication of dampness and moisture from the carpet fibers.

We also use commercial grade dehumidifiers to rapidly remove moisture out of the air. This eliminates the threat of secondary damage and its impacts. Moreover, anti-microbial treatments are needed to restrain the mold growth and spread of mildew from flooring and carpets. Mildew begins feeding off the organic matter in the carpet, causing mold to form and start germinating within 72 hours. This can be prevented by using such anti-microbial treatments through fogging & spraying.

How Do We Eliminate the Foul Odors?

Carpet Restoration

With immediate carpet restoration, we can eliminate foul-smelling odors from the moisture formed in the fibers. Steam cleaning is also an effective method to eliminate foul odors. We also make use of fogging treatments with powerful enzymes that eradicate harmful contaminants and break the molecular bonds of odor-creating compounds.

Our restoration experts are well-trained and equipped with the most advanced technology. We comply with all the proven industry standards to offer the highest quality of carpet restoration services to you. Reach out to us today!

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